Foam Pigs

Our foam pigs are our most popular products

foam pigsFoam pigs are pipeline pigs made from open cell polyurethane, which comes in different foam densities. These densities include 2lb (soft), 5-7lb (medium), and 8-10lb (hard). Foam pigs offer a useful and economical solution to many pigging scenarios, such as batching, cleaning, dewatering, and drying. Drinkwater Products carries a full range of Foam pigs and will help you decide which one is right for your job. More Foam Pig information.

Foam Pigs from Drinkwater Products

Providing solutions for all your pipeline integrity needs 

Foam Pigs from Drinkwater Products Drinkwater Products is the industry's premier provider of pipeline pigging products. Our foam pigs are our most popular products, due to the versatility and efficiency they provide. Foam pigs are inexpensive and lightweight. Due to the nature of foam pigs, they easily negotiate both simple and complex piping configurations with intricate fittings and valves. 

Municipalities, food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and cosmetic manufacturing plants make use of foam pigs to clean, dry, batch and remove product from pipelines. 

About Drinkwater Products Foam Pigs 

A foam pig is made from industry-standard polyurethane density foam, which ranges from 2-10-pound per cubic foot, and it can be anywhere from 2"-72". Various configurations are available to suit specific needs. From bare pigs to those with special coating patterns (totally coated, turning pattern or single spiral) to double-nose and double-dish, there's a pig for every need. Furthermore, there are different types of handling or pulling cables or ropes, transmitter cavities, bypass jets and more.

Drinkwater Products foam pigs are fully customizable in terms of density options, coating options (bare, spiral, totally coated or criss cross), nose options (flat, double nose, double dish, bullet nose), cleaning options (silicon carbide, steel brushes, urethane blades, plastic brushes or metal studs), and cavity options.

We can insert magnets inside the foam, and include handling straps or ropes, depending on your needs. 

Using Foam Pigs 

Foam pigs are inserted into the length of a pipeline and driven by the product flow to ensure:

  • continuous operation by removing damaging substances that might corrode the pipeline.
  • maximum efficiency by removing any built-up debris that might restrict the flow.

Foam pigs can be applied during all phases of production, including construction, operation, inspection, renovation and decommissioning.

If you can't find the length, diameter or special configurations required for your foam pigs, Drinkwater products can design it for you.

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2lb Swabs are an unaggressive but useful pig. They are used on many water utility lines for sweeping unwanted build-up and determining the effective internal diameter of pipe. The swab is also used for drying lines after hydrotesting and has proven to be a safe pig to run if the operator is unsure of the condition of his/her pipeline.

The Red Bare Squeegee is an effective pig to run for liquid removal after a hydro-test. It has also proven to maintain a superior seal when flow rates are minimal. The bare squeegee is available in both medium and high foam densities and can be outfitted with magnets or a cavity for tracking purposes.

This criss-cross polly pig is made with 5# foam density and is an economical and safe way to pig your lines. The criss-cross urethane coating provides extra durability and allows the pig to travel longer distances without being damaged. This pig can also be outfitted with pull ropes and cavity for transmitter device.

This foam pig is made from soft foam and is capable of light sweeping and cleaning. The light coat of urethane makes it more wear resistant to weld slag thus allowing the pig to make longer runs than an uncoated swab pig.

This criss-cross polly pig is made with 9lb foam density which is stiffer and more aggressive than the 5lb criss-cross pig. Like the 5lb foam pig, this one can be used in many ways including, cleaning, batching and de-watering. The criss-cross urethane coating provides extra durability and allows the pig to travel longer distances without being damaged. This pig can also be outfitted with pull ropes and cavity for transmitter device.

The standard Ultra-Seal Pig has flat, polyurethane elastomer discs on each end. This is the optimum design for dewatering, batching of dissimilar products, and for fluid removal in pipelines of all sizes and pipe materials.

Metal studs are set in this foam pig for aggressive removal of hard scale deposits. To be used with caution and only in the most extreme circumstances.

The Ultra-Seal Lite Pig is a hand-crafted, custom-built pig. The specific design and materials for each pig are determined by the configuration of the pipeline and operational requirements of the pig. Typically the Ultra-Seal Lite Pig is used for dewatering and fluid control in multi-dimensional pipelines.

Foam Disc pigs have a series of ridges or discs that help to provide extra wiping and sealing capabilities. Because this foam pig provides such a good seal, Foam Disc pigs are ideal for a number of applications including, product recovery and removal, de-watering, and nitrogen purges. Multiple foam densities are available as well as cavities for tracking devices.

The Wire Brush Foam Pig is a good cleaning pig for removing normal amounts of scale and deposits. The wire brushes rub against the pipe wall loosening weld slag, rust, and other unwanted agents.

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