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How frequently should you pig your pipelines?

Piping PigsPipelines are widely regarded as the most cost-effective means of moving liquids and gases over long distances. They represent a significant financial, environmental, and operational commitment on the part of all stakeholders, and constant maintenance is required to safeguard these valued investments using piping pigs.

When liquids or wax build up in pipelines, they become obstructed. System downtime, wasted time, product loss, and production downtime are all consequences of such bottlenecks.

Product changeovers add production downtime when allocating a separate line to each product isn't feasible; therefore effective cleaning translates to more production uptime. Some processes allow for a product changeover without the need for CIP cleaning, therefore simply sending a pig to clear the line is adequate.

A product recovery mechanism can be added to new or existing pipeline processes. Depending on your operating parameters, design experts can tailor solutions to your specific demands.

So, what can you do to keep this from happening? We’ll show you how to maintain your pipelines.

What are piping pigs?

Piping pigs are used by many businesses that process liquids, such as food, drinks, home, personal care goods, pet food, pharmaceuticals, and paint, to recover liquids and clean the inside of pipes.

A piping pig clears any blockages in the lining without interrupting output. To avoid an upset in operations due to separator flooding, knowing how fast to run the pipe pig, when the pig will arrive, and the quantity of the liquid pushed ahead of the pig are crucial.

Piping pigs are used to recover contents and scrub the inside of pipes and sanitary tubes in many industries that process substances such as food, drinks, cleaning, personal care goods, pet food, medicine, and other solvents. Piping pigs (projectiles that travel along pipes or tubes to convey residual substance) are solid, non-moving objects. They can't propel themselves and must rely on a liquid or gas to propel them down the chute or tubing.

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