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Step-up Pigging PlansParaffin has been a problem for crude oil pipelines for many years. As the oil cools down, wax (paraffin) begins to fall out (cloud point) of the oil and starts to build up in the pipeline. This wax build up, if not properly maintained, can lead to complete blockage of the pipeline. If recognized in time, the wax can be removed prior to complete blockage utilizing a series of pigs.

Putting together a Step-Up Pigging Plan requires careful study and attention to detail to ensure the pigs don’t push out too much paraffin at once creating a plug. When necessary, Drinkwater Products will recommend using some type of chemical solvent in conjunction with the pigging plan. This will help to soften hard paraffin, thus making it easier to remove. If you have a crude oil line that is experiencing high pressure and are afraid of it plugging, call us and we will lay out an effective, safe strategy for cleaning your pipeline one pig at a time.


  • Free consultation before, during and after program implementation.
  • Diagnostics report showing effective Pipe ID
  • Pigging Proposal includes types of pigs, quantities, and order that they should be run

Step-up Pigging PlansStep-up Pigging PlansStep-up Pigging Plans