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Isolation JointsIsolation joints are preformed assemblies designed for the purpose of joining parts together while allowing for some relative movement. Joint and flange isolation prevents electrochemical reactions between dissimilar metals. The isolation joint breaks the metallic path. It can also be used for cathodic protection to prevent currents from traveling beyond the joint. 

Drinkwater Products offers a wide range of isolation joints for all your pipeline requirements.

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ElectroFlange™ Pre-Fabricated Isolating Flanges

The ElectroFlange™ is a pre-fabricated flange isolation kit including the flanges, bolts and pipe pups

ElectroFlange™ Joints provide electrical isolation for gas, water and petroleum pipelines; providing operation and maintenance cost savings. They do not require maintenance and can eliminate vault expense. GPT offers the best solutions for preventing corrosion in all industries including: onshore and offshore mains, petroleum refinery complex, chemical plants, waterworks, wastewater, gas transmission and gas distribution systems.

The ElectroFlange™ is factory assembled by GPT under controlled conditions and is 100% factory-tested and warranted to meet customer specifications for size, pressure, corrosion coatings etc. Available with a NSF-61 Certified interior coating.

ElectroJoint™ Monolithic Isolation Joints

GPT’s new ElectroJoint™ monolithic isolation joint (MIJ) is a maintenance-free alternative to flanged pipeline connections appropriately sized and priced for gas distribution lines.

The ElectroJoint™ MIJ eliminates the risk of failure due to improper field assembly of traditional flange components by providing a complete coated isolation system that simply requires two butt welds on either end of the joint for installation.

The ElectroJoint™ MIJ is manufactured, individually weld-inspected, and hydrostatically tested under an ISO Quality Management System.

The availability of the ElectroJoint™ MIJ means even more of these pipeline integrity problems caused by human error can now be cost-effectively prevented.

ElectroStop® Monolithic Isolation Joints

Factory assembled, permanent and maintenance-free weld-in electrical isolation joint. Replaces flanged connections.

The ElectroStop® monolithic isolation joints are a leak-proof, maintenance-free and long lasting block against the flow of electric current in all piping systems. The ElectroStop® eliminates short circuits and field assembly. The ElectroStop® is coated internally and externally to prevent corrosion and is 100% hydrostatically, electrically and weld tested. All ElectroStop® monolithic isolation joints are manufactured under an ISO Quality Management System.

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