Drinkwater Products

D-2000 Quick Opening Closure

Best used for: pig traps, filters, strainers, scrubbers, heat exchangers, blowdowns, and other vessels

Key features:

  • Easily operated by one person in less time than other closures.
  • Ring provides positive sealing and protection from damage by tools, pigs, or debris.
  • Pressure warning lock alerts operator that pressure exists prior to opening the closure.


  • How long will it take my operator to open or close the closure? The D-2000 quick opening closure can be opened or closed by a single operator in less than 1 minute.
  • Does the D-2000 quick opening closure meet American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME) codes? Yes. Closures can be designed to meet pressure piping code (B31.3/B31.4/B31.8) or pressure vessel code (ASME Sec. VIII-1).
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