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Pikotek Gaskets and insulating kits are used to electrically isolate between two flanges, providing superior performance. From isolating for cathodic protection between dissimilar metals to mitigating galvanic corrosion within a variety of infrastructure projects, Pikotek VCS Kits have a proven track record as the most reliable insulating gasket in the world. Pikotek also offers the VCFS kit, which is the world’s only Fire Safe Insulating Kit. Pikotek gaskets are easy to install and deliver reliable sealing.

As the largest US distributor of Pikotek gaskets, Drinkwater Products is proud to expand its range of pipeline solutions to include the widest range of piping products. Read more about the right Pikotek Gasket options for your application. See our full line of Pikotek Gaskets and Pikotek Insulating Kits below, or speak to one of our expert pipeline consultants today.

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EVOLUTION® Isolation Kits

EVOLUTION® is a patent pending product that is the first of its kind to be a fully encapsulated isolating gasket. The thinner, 1/8” (3mm) design minimizes the difficulties often encountered while attempting to install thicker isolating gaskets. The total encapsulation allows the gasket to be hydro-tested and kept in the pipeline with virtually no loss in isolation properties.

Pikotek® Linebacker™

Flange Isolation Kits consisting of an isolating gasket and isolating sleeves and washers

LineBacker® sealing gaskets use a rectangular sealing element, referred to as a "quad" ring, in combination with a unique groove design to effectively seal and isolate flanges of all types.

Pikotek® PGE™ System Isolating Gaskets/Kits

The Pikotek® PGE™ is a low-pressure service isolation kit designed for electrical flange isolation and/or general sealing applications

The PGE™ was designed to give operators an alternative to the failure prone phenolic-based isolating gaskets. The unique design of the PGE™ system incorporates patented overlapping and offsetting seal grooves.

Pikotek® VCFS™ Isolating Gaskets/Kits

PTFE spring-energized primary sealing element and an E-ring secondary seal, seated in an insulating laminate and permanently bonded to a high-strength metal core, creating a fireproof gasket

The VCFS™* adds fire service capability to the standard Pikotek® VCS design through the use of a secondary sealing element that is capable of maintaining a seal while subject to a 1500°F (815°C) fire.

Pikotek® VCS-ID™ Isolating Gaskets/Kits

A concave PTFE Inside Diameter (ID) seal and a PTFE spring-energized face seal, or an elastomeric O-ring, seated in an insulating laminate and permanently bonded to a high-strength core The VCS-ID (Inside Diameter) Seal introduces an internal, machined PTFE seal at the bore of the existing VCS design platform.

Pikotek® VCS™ Isolating Gaskets/Kits

PTFE spring-energized face seal, or an elastomeric O-ring, seated in an insulating laminate and permanently bonded to a high-strength stainless steel core

The Pikotek® VCS gasket provides exceptional insulating and general sealing performance in aggressive material applications. The VCS gasket is suitable in all services up to and including ANSI 2500# and API 10,000# classes.

Pikotek® VCXT™ Isolating Gaskets/Kits

The VCXT™ high temperature flange insulation sets create a seal and maintain electrical isolation across a wide range of seating stresses and flange classes in elevated temperature service. They can be used in load compromised connections; such as damaged and/or lined flanges and also heavily bolted connections where significant gasket stresses may be generated.

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