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Is Pipeline Maintenance Really Necessary?

If you don’t maintain your pipeline, your pipeline will not operate at optimum efficiency and will eventually deteriorate due to corrosion. Corrosion can weaken the integrity of a pipeline which can potentially make it unsafe. The risk of pipeline failure far exceeds the cost associated with proper pipeline maintenance. Proper pipeline maintenance will save you money and protect the public and environment.

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 We’ve helped over 75 oil & gas companies maintain over 25,000 miles of pipelines.

Delivering Pipeline Maintenance Solutions For Optimal Operation

For more than 30 years, Drinkwater Products has been a recognized industry leader in pipeline maintenance specializing in pipeline pigging, measurement, and corrosion. Headquartered in Louisiana, Drinkwater is known throughout the US for offering an unmatched selection of the highest quality pipeline products available as well as providing unparalleled support and expertise to guide customers in selecting the right product for their specific application.

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The Drinkwater Difference


Lifetime customer care

When you purchase from Drinkwater, not only do you receive products of the highest quality, but you also receive lifetime customer care backed by our experienced team.


Full range of pipeline pigs and accessories

Drinkwater Products offers pipeline pigs and pigging accessories from a variety of manufacturers giving you access to the full range of pig options available under one roof. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to help you choose which pig is right for your specific application. Whether it’s a foam pig or a steel mandrel pig. Whether it’s an Enduro, TDW or Knapp Polly Pig. Drinkwater will help guide you to the right pig for your job.


Quick turnaround rates

With one of the largest inventories and selections, Drinkwater has built a reputation for expertly helping customers select the right pigging product for their application and getting the product to them with impressive turnaround rates. Whether the product is in available inventory or requires sourcing, our team will efficiently manage the entire distribution process saving you time and money.


Specialty pipeline pigs for specific pipelines operations

Drinkwater is the number one source for maintenance products of pipelines. We have earned that reputation because we fundamentally believe in helping our customers build a maintenance program, not just purchase maintenance products. A strategic program, set in place to ensure the integrity of the pipeline protecting your operation from downtime and unexpected delays. Our independent, unbiased and experienced support will help deliver a successful solution for your team time and time again.