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TDW Pig Sig V

TDW’s PIG-SIG V Pig Passage Indicator is a device installed at prescribed intervals on pipelines to detect the passage of a pipeline pig. This unique product functions by extending an omnidirectional trigger into the pipeline through a welded fitting: the trigger is tripped by the passage of a pipeline pig. The TDW PIG-SIG V Pig Passage Indicator is easy to install, compatible with all standard THREAD-O-RING nipples, as well as flanged fittings, and all but eliminates trigger breakage. Signaling systems available with the PIG-SIG V device include a flag indicator, an electrical indicator or a combination flag/electrical unit. The PIG-SIG V device can also be provided in a flange-mounted configuration per the required pipeline pressure class (up to 2500 lbs).

Enduro Pig Popper

Track Your Pig With Confidence

  • Bi-directional trigger
  • Stainless steel inner construction
  • Simple installation
  • Universal fitting
  • No-doubt observation of pig arrival
  • Intuitive reset

NOV Pig Signallers

Keep your pipeline running smoothly with our pig signallers. Our pig signallers show when a pig has passed a particular point in a pipeline, left a launcher or arrived in a receiver.

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