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Maintaining your pipeline is crucial in order to ensure its performance at its best, as well as to prevent corrosion. It is possible for corrosion to undermine the integrity of a pipeline, resulting in its potential for failure. Keeping pipelines properly maintained is less costly than the risks of pipeline failure. Proper pipeline maintenance will save you money and protect the public and environment. 

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We at Drinkwater Products are always trying to offer top-of-the-class pipeline products to the oil and gas industry. Since 1987, we have been recognized as a leader in pipeline pigging products and services.

Through our close involvement with customers, we've earned the reputation of being the number one source for all pipeline maintenance products and services. Our pipeline experts create easy-to-implement pipeline maintenance programs.

Our goal is to keep your operations running smoothly by ensuring the integrity of your pipelines. 

Our line-up of state-of-the-art pipeline pigging products includes:

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Pipeline Pig Types: Foam, Cast-Urethane, Steel Body, Spheres, Gauge Pigs, Solubles

Performing pipeline maintenance without stopping your production is possible using pipeline pigs. Pigging keeps pipelines operational and prevents internal corrosion. It confirms the integrity of pipelines as well. Pipelines need to be cleaned regularly to remove debris, prevent internal corrosion, and check the overall quality. Pigs can batch, clean, and dewater single- or dual-diameter pipelines, and they come in all kinds of sizes, materials, and configurations. We have a great selection of pigs (foam pigs, cast-urethane pigs, steel body pigs) and we can help you pick the right one.

Pig Tracking Services

The Drinkwater Products team offers pipe pigging services plus DGPS survey services, so you get a complete turnkey solution from one vendor. 

Among the equipment we offer are land receivers, transmitters, geophones, and subsea receivers for pigs. Additionally, we stock both intrusive and non-intrusive pig passage indicators.

Pig Cleaning Services

Let Drinkwater Products help you clean and rebuild your steel body pigs. Pipeline pigs should be cleaned regularly to prevent pipeline debris from damaging them. We've got pipeline closures and pigging accessories that make cleaning your pipelines safer and more effective. 

GPT Flange Isolation Training

In order to ensure proper installation techniques for flange isolation kits (FIKs), GPT Flange Isolation Training (GFIT) provides an in-depth four-hour training course on how to install flange isolation kits. 

GPT can train your installers or engineers to properly install isolating gaskets and explain why each component is crucial to proper isolation and corrosion prevention.

Pikotek gaskets and isolation joints are among the pigging parts we stock, as well as casing spacers, insulators, and end seals.

Custom Design

We make custom pigs for a wide range of irregular piping needs. We believe that attention to details makes all the difference when it comes to a good pig run, regardless of whether you're modifying an existing one or designing something new.

Maintenance Pigging Strategies

An effective pipeline maintenance program starts with knowing your line and choosing the right pig. Based on over 25 years of experience in maintenance pigging, Drinkwater Products can make recommendations.

Get your pipelines protected against corrosion with Trenton's wax tape anticorrosion wraps, primers, innercoat hot-applied wax coating, outer wraps, and casing fillers. 

Step-Up Pigging Plans

Drinkwater Products will recommend removing hard paraffin with a chemical solvent before pigging. If your crude oil pipeline is experiencing high pressure and you don't want it to clog, call us and we'll figure out a safe and effective way to keep it flowing. 

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 Over 75 oil and gas companies have used us to maintain over 25,000 miles of pipelines. We can help you, too.

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Drinkwater Products was established in Louisiana in 1987, delivering best-in-class pipeline specialty products for the oil and gas industry, including pipeline pigging products. As a market leader in the pipeline pigging industry, Drinkwater Products provides unmatched selection and everything you need for successful pipeline maintenance. Phone: 800-515-7078 if you have any questions about the ordering process or your order.