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Scraper PigsScraper pigs are steel bodied pipeline pigs that can be used to batch dissimilar fluids and to perform long distance cleaning. The device is designed to provide an optimum seal against the pipe walls, this scraping off all debris, leaving the pipe as clean as possible.

Introducing Drinkwater Products' Scraper Pigs

Our scraper pigs derive their design from the hydraulic piston seal, which ensures constant seal maintenance and aggressive scraping ability for applications that include:

  • batching
  • cleaning
  • displacement
  • gauging
  • product separation
  • liquid evacuation
  • removal of pipeline debris

The Drinkwater Products range of scraper pigs are based on single steel body bolt design. It effectively removes deposits from inside the pipe walls.

For enhanced cleaning ability, the user may add scraper pig accessories from our range, including:

  • brushes (we offer brushes in a variety of grades)
  • polyurethane plough blades
  • pin wheel cups
  • studded pin discs

Scraper Pigs, Customized to Your Needs

We offer a range of configuration and customization options on all our scraper pigs, ensuring that your scraper pigs meet your specific product and pipeline demands. Our tailoring solutions ensure efficiency even in the most complex pipelines. Ensuring your pigging pipeline process is met.

In addition to the above accessories, we can supply scraper pigs with a range of built in attachments, including:

  • transmitter or data logger housings
  • spider noses (for jetting or flow bypass)
  • solid or segmented gauge plates
  • magnets to assist with debris collection.

Our scraper pigs are equipped with polyurethane bumper noses.

The neoprene series of steel-bodied scraper pigs are outfitted with neoprene discs instead of urethane. Neoprene has certain qualities and advantages over urethane. Although not as wear-resistant, neoprene generally has a longer shelf-life than urethane and will not crack or get brittle with exposure to the sun. This makes neoprene ideal if you have short pig runs and wish to reuse the pig over the next 3-4 years.

Contact Drinkwater Products today to discuss your specific requirements and for us to deliver the perfect scraper pigs for your needs.

Scraper PigsHere is the world's first patented pig. First patented in 1885, the Go-Devil was originally called "Pipe Line Cleaner". It was invented by John S. Klein for the National Transit Pump and Machine Co. out of Oil City, PA. We were fortunate to get our hands on one of the last ones that had leather cups on it (later replaced by rubber). Until recently, we still had a couple customers using them in East Texas. It was actually a pretty effective scraper on paraffin wax.