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Cleaning Pigs: Innovation in Pipeline Maintenance

Cleaning PigsIf your operation uses pipelines, cleaning pigs can help ensure that your facility runs smoothly. Plugging, flaws, cracks and slow transmission can have harsh consequences for any manufacturing plant, especially if your plant manufactures different liquid products.

Cleaning pigs for pig pipeline cleaning allow you to effectively clean, inspect and maintain your industrial facility without the need for halting operations.

What are Cleaning Pigs?

Modern Pipeline Intervention Gadgets (or pigs, for short) are believed to have originated when a leather covered device was pushed through a pipeline. It is said that the devices made a squealing sound as it moved down the pipeline.

Be that as it may, cleaning pigs are an invaluable part of any manufacturing operation that makes use of pipelines. These days, we no longer use leather pigs. Instead, our range of cleaning pigs continues to evolve to keep up with pipeline technology.

Inspection pigs are inline devices that gather information about the inside of a pipeline, such as diameter, bends, pressure, curvature, temperature, metal loss, and corrosion.

Gel pigs can be used to separate liquids in a pipeline, or to hydrotest, remove condensate, dewater, or remove debris. Gel cleaning pigs may be used on their own or in addition to another type of pipeline pig.

Utility pigs are cleaning pigs made of mandrel, foam or solid cast. These pigs clean a plumbing line from construction debris, or liquids. Another important function of cleaning pigs is the fact that it can separate different products in the same pipeline.

Specialty pipeline pigs help isolate sections of a pipeline in order to allow teams to work.

Cleaning pigs are available in a wide range of sizes, including multi diameter. Check out our featured deep cleaning pig: Total Wire Brush Cleaning Pig

Contact Drinkwater Products today to discuss your cleaning pigs requirements. We have a wide range of options available and the service to match your needs.

Cleaning PigsMany factors go into determining effective pigging speeds such as, the pigging objective (cleaning, batching, sweeping liquids etc.), what product you are running in and if you are running on-stream, etc.