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Qube AGM

Cutting-edge, cloud-connected Above Ground Marker (AGM)

Qube confidently and accurately detects passages of pipeline pigs equipped with MFL magnetizers, EM transmitters or simply acoustically with its built-in geophone. 

We live in a connected world and expect fast, reliable communicatons with no excuses. That’s why every single Qube is equipped with an international LTE cell modem (near side antenna), wifi, and bluetooth, and can be readily enhanced with satellite comms using our affordable and low cost-per-message expansion slot module (far side antenna).

Tool passage data including magnetic imagery, geophone audio, GPS time, date, and position are all automatically pushed to CDI’s GlobalTrack cloud service via its fully encrypted cell modem, wifi or satellite modules for immediate tracking input with no manual download process. This means that as soon as the tool is trapped, the run report is available.

Qube provides four expansion slots to accomodate a wide variety of options such as remote antennas, I/O expansion, solar chargers, SCADA outputs and more. Qube’s flexibility, modularity and expandability work to protect your investment and provide an upgrade path for years to come. 

CDI’s Qube and GlobalTrack cloud service work together to provide real-time tracking and instantaneous data availability for any number of stakeholders on desktop and mobile. 

All stakeholders can see a tool’s location and view real-time sensor data or even listen to Qube’s live geophone audio over the internet right in their browsers - from anywhere in the world.

Qube. More than an AGM.

Qube Technical Specifications
Battery Life  14 days, active mode
28 days, low power mode
Battery Type Internal Lithium
Rechargeable via USB-C connection
Internal Storage 64GB internal buffer to cloud
Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
GPS Accuracy 33 Satellites, <2.5m Circular Error of Probability (CEP)
Communications Means LTE Cellular, Bluetooth and WiFi Standard Equipment
Satellite Option
Detection Methods EM Transmitters (8 frequencies)
MFL Magnetizers

Geophone Audio
Geophone Probe Built-In, Standard Equipment
User Interface One-Button Operation, LED indicators,
GlobalTrack Cloud Service, Bluetooth App
Expansion Slots Four
Firmware Updates Pushed Over The Air (OTA)
Data Encryption TLS 1.2 Compliant, Symmetric-Key, SHA-256
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