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Drinkwater Products offers the largest range of pipeline foam pigs

Pipeline Foam PigsPipeline foam pigs are versatile cleaning devices used to clean, dry, batch and remove product from pipelines. Used in a multitude of applications, it is commonly utilized by petrochemical, chemical, cosmetic, and food and beverage manufacturers.

Pipeline foam pigs are inserted into the length of a pipeline and driven by the product flow to ensure: 

  • continuous operation by removing damaging substances that might corrode the pipeline.
  • maximum efficiency by removing any built-up debris that might restrict the flow.

Foam pigs can be applied during all phases of production, including construction, operation, inspection, renovation and decommissioning.

Since pipeline foam pigs are flexible and lightweight they are agile enough to negotiate tight corners, unusual pipes, valves and fittings. Pipeline foam pigs come in a range of sizes and foam densities including 2lb (soft), 5-7lb (medium), and 8-10lb (hard), as well as configurations ranging from silicon carbide, plastic bristle, wire-brush, criss-cross and bare. 

Our foam pigs are made from industry-standard polyurethane density foam, which ranges from 2-10-pound per cubic foot, and it can be anywhere from 2"-72". Various configurations are available to suit specific needs. From bare pigs to those with special coating patterns (totally coated, turning pattern or single spiral) to double-nose and double-dish, there's a pig for every need. 

Drinkwater Products foam pigs are fully customizable in terms of density options, coating options (bare, spiral, totally coated or criss cross), nose options (flat, double nose, double dish, bullet nose), cleaning options (silicon carbide, steel brushes, urethane blades, plastic brushes or metal studs), and cavity options. Special design options are also available to suit your specific requirements, including bypass jets, handling and pulling cables or ropes that can be cut to custom diameters and lengths. 

If you have a special application, we can supply the pipeline foam pigs for your needs. If you can't find the length, diameter or special configurations required for your foam pigs, Drinkwater Products can design it for you.