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PASSAGE DETECTION: PigAlert is CDI’s innovative cellular-equipped pipeline pig passage notification system. PigAlert works with GlobalTrack, our live-mapping pig tracking service to send detailed text message notifications to users.

TEXTING: Simply scan the QR code on the PigAlert, enter your cell number, and you’re done. You can work elsewhere and when a launch, passage, or trap occurs, everyone who scans the PigAlert will be notified in seconds via text and bright flashing LEDs. Each text provides the GPS passage time along with a Google Maps link showing the location of the passage.

PigAlert is magnetically stuck to the pipeline where it will detect the passage of any magnet-equipped pipeline pig. Durable and water-proof, PigAlert will last for years.

WIRELESS FLASHER: As with the PigAlert base unit, the water-tight, wireless indicator flasher shown below is equipped with powerful magnets so that it can be attached to a pipeline or vehicle, operating at a distances of up to 100 feet. 

NO FEES: Perhaps most importantly, there’s no need to fear ongoing operational expenses with PigAlert. Every single PigAlert ships with a fully activated SIM card and cell module, pre-installed with a lifetime of data at no extra charge and absolutely no monthly fees ever. 

Specifications and Features
Operation Magnetic passage detection
(MFL, cleaning magnets or trip magnets)
Type of Pigs Detected Any magnet-equipped pig
Package Water-tight polycarbonate plastic with sealed
membrane keypad
Passage Indications SMS text message
Internal LEDs

Remote wireless indication lamp
Batteries Rechargeable via USB-C
Cell Data 500MB built-in, no recurring charges
Operational Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C

* PigAlert ships supplied with 500MB of cellular data, enough to transmit 30,000 pig passage notifications.

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