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Pig Washer

Our Pig Washer allows for pipeline companies to efficiently clean and maintain pigs at their facility. Our pig washer saves you time by not having to spend hours removing paraffin, asphaltenes, black powder and other unwanted debris from your pig. It also saves you money by not having to pay a third party company to come and clean your pigs. Lastly, the regular cleaning of your pipeline pigs extends the life of your pig by removing harmful pipeline debris from the pig itself.

We have 5 standard models to choose from or you can have an unit custom designed to handle diameters up to 72” and weights up to 50,000 pounds.

Our pig cleaning systems come equipped with the following:

  • Vertical Pump Systems
  • Low Water Shut-Off / Auto Water Fill
  • Swing-Away Spray Manifolds
  • Industrial Quality Immersion Heaters
  • Industrial Controls with Lighted Switches
  • Mechanical Door Seals
  • Large Swing-Out Doors for Full Access
  • Removable Stainless Steel Basket Trap
  • Bushed Stainless Steel V-Jet Nozzles
  • Disc Style Stainless Steel Oil Skimmer
  • Two Channel Programmable 7 Day Time, Controls Heat & Skimmer

We can customize your pig cleaning system by adding the following equipment:

  • Oil Coalescing System
  • Stainless Steel Construction Package
  • Particulate Bag Filtration
  • Recirculating and Fresh Water Rinse Stages
  • Ambient and Heated Blow Off Stages
  • Sludge Extraction and Steam Exhaust Systems
  • Pump, Heat and Weight Capacity Upgrades
  • Gas and Steam Heat Options
  • Insulation Packages
  • Electrical Service Disconnect
  • Dual Turntable Options
  • High Pressure / Flow Pumps
  • Compressed Air Blow-Off

 Gear Drive Turntable Industrial Controls  Gas and Steam Heat Options
Gear Drive Turntable Industrial Controls MCC3000 Pump
Stainless Steel V-Jet Nozzles Stainless Steel Oil Skimmer "V” Notch Doors
Nozzle Oil Skimmer V Notch Doors
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