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foam pipeline pigsFoam Pipeline Pigs

Polyurethane foam pipeline pigs help to minimize sediment build-up and maximize flow efficiency.  Pipeline pigs are available in various materials, but foam pipeline pigs offer exceptional sealing properties, are lightweight, and are less likely to become stuck inside pipelines. 

Dual density foam pipeline pigs are used for a range of applications and assist in size reduction, continuous operation, cleaning out debris, and improving pipeline efficiency.  

As the leading foam pipeline pigs distributor, Drinkwater Products provides the highest quality pigs to utility companies, processing facilities and petrochemical industries, where they are used during various production phases, including:

  • pipeline construction
  • manufacturing operations
  • pipe inspection
  • product separation
  • and pipeline decommissioning.

Foam pipe pigs are lightweight and flexible and can be used to:

  • batch product during the operational phase
  • cleaning product from the pipeline during and after construction
  • drying the pipeline after it has been flushed

These applications of foam pipeline pigs are particularly useful to petrochemical, chemical, cosmetic, and food and beverage manufacturers. 

Foam pipeline pigs are manufactured using industry standard polyurethane density foam and are available in a variety of configurations to meet your specific requirements. Options include:

  • special coating pattern (single spiral, criss-cross or completely coated)
  • double-nose
  • double-dish
  • bypass jet ports
  • transmitter cavities
  • ropes
  • pulling cables
  • and more.

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