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Pipeline Pigging Services

At Drinkwater Products, we constantly strive to deliver best-in-class specialty pipeline products to the oil and gas industry. Since 1987, we have been recognized as a leader in pipeline pigging products and services.

We have earned our reputation as the number one source for all pipeline maintenance products and services by working closely with our customers. Our pipeline experts believe in helping clients to create comprehensive and easily-implemented pipeline maintenance programs.

Our goal is to help ensure the integrity of the pipeline and to protect your operation from unexpected delays and downtime. 

In addition to providing state-of-the-art pipeline pigging products, we also offer the following services:

Pig Tracking Services

Drinkwater Products offers pig tracking and DGPS survey services with our fleet of pipeline pigging products to provide you with a truly turnkey service from one vendor for all your pigging requirements. 
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Pig Cleaning Services

Drinkwater Products will clean and rebuild your steel body pigs. The regular cleaning of your pipeline pigs extends the life of your pig by removing harmful pipeline debris from the pig itself.
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GPT Flange Isolation Training

GPT Flange Isolation Training (GFIT) is the world’s first dedicated training program for Flange Isolation through an in-depth 4-hour session on proper installation techniques for flange isolation kits (FIKs), for field installers, and engineers. 

GPT will train your installers or engineers to correctly install an isolating gasket and explain the critical role of each component required to successfully isolate the flanges for proper corrosion prevention.
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Custom Design

Drinkwater Products designs custom made pigs for a wide range of irregular piping applications. Whether it is modifying an existing pig or designing something brand new, we believe that attention to detail can make all the difference in having an effective pig run.
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Maintenance Pigging Strategies

An effective pipeline maintenance program starts with knowing your line and selecting the proper pig. Drinkwater Products can lay out a recommended strategy based on over 25 years of maintenance pigging experience.
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Step-Up Pigging Plans

Drinkwater Products will recommend using a chemical solvent in conjunction with the pigging plan to soften hard paraffin, thus making it easier to remove. If your crude oil line is experiencing high pressure and you wish to avoid it becoming clogged, call us and we will lay out an effective, safe strategy for cleaning your pipeline one pig at a time.
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Our Pipeline Pigging Services