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Widest Range of Foam Pigs

Poly PigsManufactured from industry-standard open cell polyurethane, poly pigs are available in a range of densities, ranging from sort (2lb), medium (5-7 lb) to 8-10 (lb). Poly pigs offer an economical solution to cleaning, drying, batching and dewatering of pipelines, thus improving the pipeline efficiency.

Poly pigs are used in all types of industries that use pipelines, including cosmetics, food and beverage, chemical and petrochemical. When used to clean a line, the poly pig is inserted into the pipeline and driven by the product flow, effectively:

Removing substances that could damage the pipeline system, causing corrosion.

Removing any built-up debris that might restrict the flow.

As such, poly pigs ensure the effective and continuous operation of the pipeline.

The lightweight flexibility of poly pigs make them easy and effective for using during pipeline construction, operation, renovation, inspection and decommissioning. Additionally, they easily negotiate the various moving parts within pipelines, including simple and complex fittings and valves. Poly pigs are available in a variety of configurations, including double nose and double dish, with a variety of coatings, including spirals, brushes and attachment. Accessories could including ropes, pulling cables, handles, bypass jets and transmitter cavities.

Poly pigs are often used in pipeline cleaning processes, because they are inexpensive and versatile.

If you can't find the length, diameter or special configurations required for your foam pigs, Drinkwater Products can design it for you.