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Foam Pigging SolutionsFoam Pigging Solutions From Drinkwater Products

Drinkwater Products supplies a large range of lightweight and inexpensive foam pigging solutions in various densities and other pipeline pigging products. Foam pigging is an economical and effective solution to pipeline scenarios, including cleaning, drying, dewatering, and batching.

How Does Foam Pigging Work? 

A foam pigging device is inserted into a pipeline and pushed through the length by the product flow. This is done to:

  • improve efficiency of the pipeline, as it removes built-up debris that restricts the flow.
  • ensure continuous operation, as damaging substances might damage or corrode the pipeline.

Foam pigging can be applied during all the phases of production, and throughout the lifespan of a pipeline.

As the industry's leading provider of foam pigging solutions, we at Drinkwater Products aim to provide the best quality, efficiency and versatility. Our foam pigging devices are used in industries ranging from petrochemical, chemical, cosmetic, and food and beverage manufacturers.

A foam pig is used to:

  • Batch product
  • Clean pipes
  • Dry pipes
  • and remove product from pipelines.

About Our Foam Pigging Solutions

A foam pigging device is usually made from industry-standard polyurethane density foam and comes in a variety of configurations:

  • bare pigs
  • specially coated pigs
  • double nose pigs
  • double-dish pigs

and many more.

Each pig is equipped with pulling cables, ropes, bypass jets and other handling mechanisms. 

Drinkwater Products can customize your foam pigging device to suit your needs by including handling ropes or straps and inserting magnets inside the foam.

Years of foam pigging experience ensures that the helpful team at Drinkwater Products can help you find the perfect pig for your needs. Some of the most common foam pigging applications we cater to, include:

  • Drying
  • Dewatering
  • Batching
  • Cleaning
  • Gauging

Our most common pipeline pigs include foam, cast-urethane and steel body pigs.

Get in touch with Drinkwater Products today for more information about foam pigs.

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Designed to navigate tees, tight radius bends, and other challenges, Foam Spheres are an ideal choice. Available in 5lb and 9lb foam densities, in sizes ranging from 2" to 36". Options include bare foam, criss cross coating, totally coated, silicone carbide, and wire brush. Upgrade your pigging operations with Foam Spheres.
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