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MagnaWave Receiver / Geophone Combo


  • Industry standard 22 Hz Receivers
  • Ability to detect coded transmitters comes standard​
  • Very sensitive with power line hum reduction circuitry
  • Built-in internal antenna
  • Pluggable long range external antenna
  • Built in Geophone Amplifier!
  • Analog meter for 22 Hz signal strength
  • Great for precise 'null' measurements
  • Digital bars for 22 Hz and Geophone signal
  • Very long range with external antenna

Available in a complete kit!

Kit includes:

  • Receiver with built-in geophone amplifier
  • External wand antenna with 6' cable
  • 50' antenna extension cable
  • Geophone probe with 50' cable
  • 6' vehicle stereo audio cable (1/8 in or 3.5 mm jack)
  • Impact resistant weatherproof hard case

All components also available separately


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