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Types of Pipeline Pigs: Foam, Cast-Urethane, Steel Body, Spheres, Gauge Pigs, Solubles Enduro Pipeline Services. Pipeline Pig Brands: Girard Industries, Knapp Polly Pig, Maloney Technical Products, S.U.N. Engineering, T.D. Williamson.

pipeline pigs
Pipeline pigs
perform maintenance operations inside of pipelines, without stopping the flow within the product pipeline in a multitude of industries and applications. These devices are available in a variety of sizes and configurations and offer an economical solution to many manufacturing requirements, including batching, cleaning, dewatering, and drying. Drinkwater Products carries a full range of pipeline pigs and will help you decide which one is right for your job.

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2lb Swabs are an unaggressive but useful pig. They are used on many water utility lines for sweeping unwanted build-up and determining the effective internal diameter of pipe. The swab is also used for drying lines after hydrotesting and has proven to be a safe pig to run if the operator is unsure of the condition of his/her pipeline.

Argus has long been recognized as the industry leader in pigging valves, with products used in oil and gas pipelines in countries around the world.

Argus ball vales and pigs have bi-directional capabilities, and allow the use of pigs from other manufacturers. The pigs range in size from 2" (DN50) to 6" (DN400) with pressure ratings ranging from 150-1500 ANSI.

Advantages of Pipeline Pigging With Argus

Engineered and manufactured using the finest materials and the most advanced equipment, Argus proudly displays their quality craftsmanship though this range of superb pipeline pigging valves. By facilitating asset integrity, users can optimize gas and oil production. Advantages include:

  • Valves are superiorly constructed with a forged 3-piece body design.

  • Easy to use, the seat life promotes easy operation, with the extension of the trunnion-mounted ball.

  • Double block and a bleed construction facilitates the receipt and launch of spherical, bullet and scraper pigs.

  • Environmentally superior to pigging traps and tees.

  • With a standard temperature range of -50ºF to +250ºF (-46ºC to +121ºC), it is designed to suit NACE, low temperature gas and liquid applications.

The construction uses A350-LF2 low-temperature forged steel to ensure the integrity of the pig valve, while API 6D and ISO 9001:2008 certifications secure uncompromised quality.

Improved Benefits of the Automatic Pig Launcher

Argus pigging valves are easy to use, while at the same time having a reduced environmental impact. With increased convenience, safety and effectiveness, it offers a variety of benefits compared to conventional barrel-style pig launchers and receivers.

The integrity of Argus piping valves guarantees optimal pipeline performance and an optimal flow line.



The Red Bare Squeegee is an effective pig to run for liquid removal after a hydro-test. It has also proven to maintain a superior seal when flow rates are minimal. The bare squeegee is available in both medium and high foam densities and can be outfitted with magnets or a cavity for tracking purposes.

The Knapp Nova-Cast Pig is a custom-designed, all-urethane, one-piece, composite pipeline pig made to accommodate special pipeline configurations with virtually limitless combinations of discs and cups of varying urethane hardnesses. The Nova-Cast is available in configurations that allow the pig to pass through multiple-diameter piping while retaining the ability to scrape paraffin or remove liquids.

This criss-cross polly pig is made with 5# foam density and is an economical and safe way to pig your lines. The criss-cross urethane coating provides extra durability and allows the pig to travel longer distances without being damaged. This pig can also be outfitted with pull ropes and cavity for transmitter device.

This foam pig is made from soft foam and is capable of light sweeping and cleaning. The light coat of urethane makes it more wear resistant to weld slag thus allowing the pig to make longer runs than an uncoated swab pig.

This pig is a solid-cast polyurethane pig available for 2” through 8” pipe. It is a bi-directional pig ideal for use in plant and industrial applications. The 8 sealing discs making it very effective in removing liquids in wet gas systems and liquid lines, as well as ideal for product batching, line displacement, and product evacuation.

This criss-cross polly pig is made with 9lb foam density which is stiffer and more aggressive than the 5lb criss-cross pig. Like the 5lb foam pig, this one can be used in many ways including, cleaning, batching and de-watering. The criss-cross urethane coating provides extra durability and allows the pig to travel longer distances without being damaged. This pig can also be outfitted with pull ropes and cavity for transmitter device.

Knapp's patented single-piece, bi-directional scraping pipeline pig. The K-Disc is unmatched for paraffin scraping ability.

The standard Ultra-Seal Pig has flat, polyurethane elastomer discs on each end. This is the optimum design for dewatering, batching of dissimilar products, and for fluid removal in pipelines of all sizes and pipe materials.

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