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Pikotek PGEThe PGE was designed to give operators an alternative to the failure prone phenolic-based isolating gaskets. Based on its construction, the PGE will provide a superior, long-lasting solution when compared to phenolic-based designs. The PGE is available in both full-face (Type E) and ring style (Type F) configurations. Depending upon the sealing element selected, the PGE is rated for most all hydrocarbon and water service applications.

The unique design of the GPT PGE system incorporates patented overlapping and offsetting seal grooves. The purpose of this design is to break each layer of laminate within the gasket itself thereby creating a barrier through which fluid and/or gas cannot migrate. The sealing element can be any elastomeric material as well as more sophisticated Spring-Energized Teflon lip seals. As a result of this advanced seal design, maintenance-free flange isolation and flange face corrosion mitigation are achieved economically.

Retainer Material G10 or
G10 comes standard but G11 can be used for temperatures that exceed 300°F up to 392°F
O-Ring Material PTFE
PTFE (Teflon) comes spring-energized
Sleeve Options G10
G10 is the strongest material and Nomex is used for high temp situations
Washer Options G10
G10 comes standard but G3 can be used for temperatures that exceed 300°F up to 392°F



  • High-reliability, low-pressure sealing system
  • Overlapping seals eliminate potential leak/weep path in the laminate material
  • Good electrical isolation properties for cathodic protection
  • Choice of spring-energized teflon o-ring pressure activated seals
  • Mitigates galvanic corrosion in dissimilar metal flanges
  • Protects against flange face corrosion and flow-induced erosion
  • Available in full-face (type E) or ring (type F) style
  • High-strength G10 material resists failure due to excessive compression
  • Isolating kits always include high-strength double washers and full-length sleeves for maximum assurance against shorting

Pikotek PGE