Foam Pipe Pigs From Drinkwater Products

Foam Pipe PigsFor more than 30 years, Drinkwater Products has been the leading manufacturer of high-quality polyurethane foam pipe pigs for the cleaning of industrial pipelines. With our vast range of foam pipe pigs, you are sure to find a product that suits your specific pipeline and we offer a range of customizations, including magnets, gauge plates, tow loops and transmitter housing options.

 Polyurethane foam pipe pigs have been developed to minimize wear and tear. Equipped with exceptional sealing properties, foam pipe pigs are unlikely to become stuck inside the pipe. Dual density foam pipe pigs assist in size reduction and are suitable for a range of applications.

 Foam pipe pigs are inserted into and pushed through the length of the pipeline by the product flow. This is done to:

  • improve the efficiency of the pipeline
  • remove built-up debris that restricts the flow
  • ensure continuous operation

Foam pigs can be applied during all production phases, and throughout the lifespan of a pipeline. 

As the industry's leading foam pipe pig distributor, we at Drinkwater Products aim to supply the best quality. Our foam pipe pigs are used in petrochemical, chemical, cosmetic, and food and beverage manufacturers.

Drinkwater Products: Foam Pipe Pigs Configurations

Drinkwater Products supplies a large range of lightweight and inexpensive foam pipe pigs in various densities. Foam pigs offer an economical and effective solution to pipeline scenarios, including cleaning, drying, dewatering, and batching.

Choose from our wide range of bare pigs, specially coated pigs, double nose pigs, and double-dish pigs, to name a few. Each pig is equipped with pulling cables, ropes, bypass jets and other handling mechanisms. 

Years of foam pigging experience ensures that the helpful team at Drinkwater Products can help you find the perfect pig for your needs. In addition to foam pipe pigs, we also have steel body pigs and cast-urethane pigs. Get in touch with Drinkwater Products today for more information about foam pipe pigs. Click here for our foam pig selection.