Pipeline Pigging & Pipe Sealing Soutions

As a market leader in the pipeline pigging industry, Drinkwater Products provides unmatched selection and everything you need for successful pipeline maintenance.

Pipeline PiggingPipeline Pigging - Protect the Integrity of Your Pipelines

Pipeline integrity affects not only the environment but also your bottom line. Manufacturers rely on Drinkwater Products to design and supply solutions that will ensure optimal flow rates and pipeline integrity. Here at Drinkwater Products, we incorporate the knowledge and skills of integrity management teams and operations to provide the tools and technology needed to provide cost-effective sealing and pipeline pigging solutions.

Pipeline pigging is the optimal solution for preventing internal corrosion, filming your pipelines, batching product, purging or dewatering lines and decommissioning operations.

Drinkwater Products manufactures internal pipeline cleaners, also referred to as Poly Pigs, manufactured using flexible open cell polyurethane foam. It is wrapped in a variety of external wraps, which makes it easy for poly pigs to negotiate a variety of pipes, with multi-dimensional piping, tees, ells, and short radius bends as well as reduced port valves.

Drinkwater Products Delivers Pipeline Maintenance Solutions for Optimal Operation

As an industry recognized leader in pipeline maintenance, Drinkwater Products specializes in pipeline pigging, measurement and corrosion.

In addition to poly pigs, Drinkwater Products offers the following pipeline pigging products:

  • Spheres
  • Cast-urethane pigs
  • Steel body pigs
  • Geophones
  • Electromagnetic transmitters and receivers
  • Intrusive and non-intrusive pig detectors
  • Foam Pigs 

All pipelines are different, and therefore, you should consider the pigging application before choosing a pipeline pig. All pipeline pigging engineers will apply different operating procedures and philosophies, which means that you should focus not only on accomplishing the goal, but on keeping the pipeline characteristics in mind.

Advantages of using Drinkwater Products for your pipeline pigging needs: 

  • Offers pipeline pigging products and accessories from a range of manufacturers for your specific application.
  • Has a large inventory to provide clients with the right pigging product at an impressive turnaround rate.
  • Has earned and maintained a fantastic reputation over 25+ years in business.
  • Provides the highest quality products, backed by lifetime customer care.

Additionally, Drinkwater Products provides:

  • set-up pipeline pigging plans
  • maintenance pigging strategies
  • custom designed pigs

For all your pipeline pigging requirements, get hold of Drinkwater Products today.

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