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Evolution Isolation Gaskets - Setting New Standards

Isolation gaskets enhance reliability and integrity in pipelines. As the world's population continues to grow, so does the demand for energy. Fossil fuels remain, but it is becoming harder to access Earth's remaining oil and gas reserves. Accessing these resources requires enhanced recovery and manufacturing methods.

Carbon dioxide, steam, and sour gases are transported at higher temperatures, higher pressures and longer distances than ever before while environmental concerns stifle missions.

We are learning that old gasket designs do not meet the requirements of a new reality, and traditional materials are not cut out to fulfill the mission. GRE gaskets, used under harsh conditions, may lead to corrosion, damaged flanges and wasted resources, all of which may have serious consequences.

Introducing GPT EVOLUTION Isolation Gaskets

A century in the making, the Evolution isolation gasket incorporates five components to set a new standard in gasketing. The thick stainless steel core is covered in a proprietary protective coating that protects against permeation, thus eliminating GRE from the design.

Two layers of virtually impenetrable protection seals the inner diameter of the gasket:

  • an interlocking Iconel c-ring
  • a pressure activated PTFE ID seal

This unique design provides industry leading protection against leaking and flange corrosion as well as the highest standard in fire safety.

A secure handle ensures easy installation, proper centering and speedy removal. The handle also contains product information to test products during manufacturing, thus ensuring full confidence during installation.

When you need to halt the flow of current across metallic pipelines, it can be done by separating two flanges using an isolation gasket. This enables cathodic protection for both above ground and underground pipelines and it controls any stray flow of electric current.

Flange isolation gaskets enhance reliability and integrity in pipelines and piping systems by protecting elements from corrosion and enhancing safety. It eliminates contact between different metals, thus halting the static current in order to provide cathodic protection and prevent corrosion.

Drinkwater Products stocks a wide range of Pikotek Isolation Gaskets, including the EVOLUTION. Speak to one of our consultants today.


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