Caliper Pig

Caliper pigs are designed to measure the roundness of the pipeline to determine areas of deformation.

Caliper PigOur caliper pig will provide a detailed report of line features (valves, tees, bends, anomalies and dents) throughout the pipeline. We will provide an initial field report within 24-30 hours of acquiring data from the caliper tool, which will contain standard specifications of 2% dents and 5% ovality. We will provide a final report which will call out all dents, bends, welds, valves, tees, reducers and wall changes within 45 days.

We offer caliper pigs from 6” – 42”.

Base Run Charge (10 Miles or Less):

  • $19,200 Full Survey
  • $14,400 Go/No-Go

We offer all of these tools as a rental option at an even lower rate.

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