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Foam Pig

A Foam pig is used in industries that make use of pipelines. By inserting a pipeline pig into a length of pipeline, which is driven by the product flow, foam pigs play an important role in pipelines, namely:

  1. Ensuring continuous operation by removing substances that might cause damage to the pipeline systems, and preventing corrosion.
  2. Ensuring maximum efficiency by removing any debris that might otherwise build up, restricting the flow.

Foam pigs are used during all the different phases of production, from constructing the pipeline, to operation, inspection, renovation and decommissioning. Their lightweight flexibility enables them to negotiate both simple and uncommon piping, valves and fittings.

As a pipeline cleaning device, foam pigs are versatile and inexpensive. Foam pipeline pigs can be used to for drying, cleaning, batching and removing product from pipelines in a range of industries, including petrochemical, chemical, cosmetic, and food and beverage manufacturers.

A foam pig is made from industry-standard polyurethane density foam, which ranges from 2-10-pound per cubic foot, and it can be anywhere from 2"-72". Various configurations are available to suit specific needs. From bare pigs to those with special coating patterns (totally coated, turning pattern or single spiral) to double-nose and double-dish, there's a pig for every need. Furthermore, there are different types of handling or pulling cables or ropes, transmitter cavities, bypass jets and more.

If you can't find the length, diameter or special configurations required for your foam pigs, Drinkwater products can design it for you.

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