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Pig Detector

Intrusive and Non-Intrusive Pig Detector Solutions

Pig DetectorPig detectors, also known as pig passage indicators or simply pig signallers, are usually installed onto pig launchers or receivers, where they confirm the launch of a pipeline pig or its arrival. It can also be installed at different points in the pipeline, from where it can indicate that the pig has passed certain pipeline features or specific points along the line. Need help with the right Pig Detector for your application? 

Pig detectors usually contain a trigger mechanism that is entered into the pipeline through a nipple or welded fitting. The trigger is tripped when the pig passes an indicator, which activates the signal.

In addition to notifying operators of the general location of the pig, a pig detector can also indicate whether the pipeline pig is stuck or lost. A pig detector installed at the end of a section of pipeline can notify the operators that it has reached the receiver.

Features of Pig Detectors

Pig detectors are designed to be easily installed, replaced or removed without requiring that the pipe be shut down. Additionally, they are:

  • designed to withstand the conditions of the pipeline
  • equipped with electrical or flag indicators, or a combination or the two
  • extended models allow for installation in buried pipelines 

Drinkwater Products provides a range of pig detectors to various industries. Though we have multiple models, our featured pig detector is the Magna-Sygg Series 100 Weatherproof Detector from S.U.N. Engineering, Inc. With its rugged, weatherproof design, the Magna-Sygg is suitable for use in many applications. It operates by reacting to changes in magnetic flux density by activating normally-open (NO) or normally-closed (NC) relay.

The Magna-Sygg pig detector offers: 

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Portable design
  • Non-intrusive operation
  • Durability

Importantly, the product is equally effective with a variety of pig types, pipelines, and products. Use it in pipelines with gel slugs, slurries, sludges, gases or liquids.

Buy your pig detectors from Drinkwater Products today. Not only will you benefit from great prices, but also from highly knowledgeable service.