Yale SafeClamp Closure

We extended our line of field-proven pipeline and vessel closures with our YaleTM SafeClamp closure. Featuring a patent pending, innovative external clamp ring design, our YaleTM SafeClamp closure features notable safety, sealing, and operational advantages that provide significant benefits to the operator.


Our YaleTM SafeClamp closure raises the level of operator safety without increasing the effort or the amount of time required to operate the closure. The YaleTM SafeClamp closure is designed to allow quick access to the pipeline or vessel. In fact, in most applications, it typically takes operators less than 90 seconds to open or close the closure door. Operation of our YaleTM SafeClamp closure does not require special tools or heavy equipment, regardless of size the closure is simple and easy to open and close.


  • Safe operation for operator working at side of vessel or pipeline
  • Simple operation- no special tools required
  • True quick opening -usually less than 90 seconds
  • Bidirectional hinge adds versatility
  • Compliant with all applicable pipeline design codes
  • PAD pressure warning device integral to closure operation
  • Pressure class- Vacuum through ANSI 600

To learn more, please click here to view the YaleTM SafeClamp Closure Video.

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