Introducing the Pipe Pig

Pipe Pig The functions of a pipe pig include ensuring that any potentially harmful substances are removed from the line for optimal operation and maximizing pipeline efficiency by removing debris and buildup that might restrict flow. Initially introduced as a method for removing large dirt or wax deposits to ensure proper flow, pipe pigs are used during all phases of the life cycle of a pipeline. A pipe pig is inserted into the pipe, and forced to travel the length of the pipeline, usually driven by product flow.

Pipe Pigging and Pipe Pig Applications

Some of the extended functions of a pipe pig include:

Construction - Removing construction debris from pipes, and for acceptance testing, which includes gauging, drying, and dewatering.

Operation - Pipe pigs can help improve the flow efficiency in pipes by separating products for batching, removing solid or liquid debris, applying chemicals, and cleaning the pipes in preparation for an ILI run.

Inspection - Pipe pigs are used to detect leaks, identify deformations or dents, measure wax deposits, record temperatures and pressure and detect features of metal loss.

Rehabilitation or renovation - A pipe pig can be used to perform chemical cleaning, apply a coating of clean before product conversion.

Decommissioning - During decommissioning, pipe pigs can be used to remove product, clean pipe-walls, test, inspect and to purge pipelines or inert gas. 

Understanding the differences between pipelines is key when applying a pipe pig. Pipelines have different diameters and wall thicknesses, flow rates, pressures, temperatures, distances and operations. Each contractor designs pipelines according to their own codes and requirements in accordance with the company's philosophy and operating procedures. The chosen pipe pig must adhere to the characteristics of the pipeline.

Pipe Pig and Pipeline Solutions from Drinkwater Products

As a recognized industry leader in pipeline maintenance, Drinkwater products has a 25+ years history of pipe pigging excellence, specializing in corrosion measurement and pipe pigs. 

Working with Drinkwater Products means that you benefit from:

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Drinkwater Products offers a variety of pipe pigs and related products, including: 

  • foam pigs
  • steel pigs
  • geophones
  • spheres
  • cast-urethane pigs
  • electromagnetic transmitters and receivers
  • intrusive and non-intrusive pig detectors

Drinkwater Products' services include custom designed pigs, maintenance pigging strategies, and step-up pigging plans. Get in touch with us today for all your pipeline pigs, accessories and services.