Casing Insulators / End Seals

casing insulatorsAt road crossings, river crossings and railroad crossings, pipelines are often encased in another larger diameter pipe outside the carrier pipe. Casing spacers are used to keep the casing pipe from touching the carrier pipe. End Seals are used at the end of the casing to seal off the void gap between the casing and carrier pipes. Drinkwater carries the highest quality Casing Insulators and End Seals available on the market today.

Short-Stop™ casing end electrical insulator is made of compression-resistant neoprene rubber and installed in casing ends. In addition to dielectric properties, Short-Stop is resistant to oil, water, ozone and chemicals. The Short-Stop insulator will also withstand a wide range of temperature variations.

Seal-Wrap™ is a casing end-seal wrapper consisting of a heavy woven glass coated with a butyl mastic of high dielectric quality wrapped around the end of the casing and on the carrier pipe. It is then strapped in place with stainless steel banding.

The Seal-Wrap system was designed by the Trenton Corporation to enable field personnel to readily replace existing "rubber-boot" type end seals that are damaged prior to installation of casing filler. Seal-Wrap can also be used to reinforce existing "boot" or "compression" type seals. This system also has advantages for new construction applications. Seal-Wrap is a simple, efficient method of sealing the annular space between pipe and casing that does not necessitate absolute centering of the pipe in the casing.