Stainless Steel Casing Spacers

Tough, heavy-duty 14 gauge (0.74" [1.88mm]) 304 stainless steel spacers are available for use in highly corrosive environments

Stainless steel casing spacers offer maximum corrosion resistance while providing support for large diameter pipes, unusually heavy pipe or for long casing pulls.

The flanges of the spacer are deep embossed and the corners are chamfered.

The runners are attached with 3/8" (9.5mm) diameter studs, which are fusion welded to the band. The studs are recessed far below the wearing surface of the runner and, after the runner is anchored to the band, the stud counter-bore is filled to ensure a water-tight seal for the stud and the lock fastener.

Features and Benefits

  • Low labor costs - may be installed
 by one person
  • Heavy duty PVC inner liner provides protection for pipe and/or coating
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • May be used for long pulls and/or heavy pipe installations
  • Designed to last for the life of the piping system
  • PVC liner provides backup isolation
  • Deeply embossed flanges offer added strength during tightening of flange bolts
  • Eliminates the need for blown sand or pea gravel
  • Available with 8" or 12" bands
  • GPT Stainless Steel Casing spacers are manufactured to accommodate a variety of pipe diameters, pipe configurations and are available for quick delivery.


  • Glass-reinforced nylon or polyester runners offer low coefficients of friction = 0.1 to 0.6

Glass reinforced nylon or polyester runners offer 18,000 PSI (1,265 kg/cm²) compressive strength

  • Riser height may be specified for specific positioning of carrier pipe within casing
  • Available with 8" or 12" bands
  • 10 or 7 gauge risers may be ordered
  • Recommended end seals: Model C, S, W, R and FW


  • For carrier pipe diameters ranging from 4" (101.6 mm) to 120" (304.8 cm)
  • For carrier pipe insertion lengths up to 5,000 feet* (1,524 m)

* Pipe insertion lengths may vary depending on type of casing pipe, condition of casing pipe or other factors that may cause excessive abrasion to runner materials.

Additional Information

Spacing recommendations:

  • Max 8' (243.8cm) between spacers
  • Max 2' (61.0cm) from casing pipe end
  • Max 2' (61.0cm) on each side of bell or mechanical joint.

Option of TPE Liner available to accommodate higher temperature applications.

Model SL8GN2 (Cost Effective Stainless Option).

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